Seasonal Weather for the Time of Year


Selected by Bob Johnson, Tyne Tees TV's 'Weatherman'

At the start of my career as a ‘weatherman’ I had to learn all about clouds and their weathers, so skies, as well as trees, became two of my favourite tools for forecasting the weather.  When I was asked to select pictures by Robert Soden for his Christmas Exhibition, I was in my element, so to speak, with so many wonderful paintings containing both, I was spoiled for choice.

Look out for skies with flows and curls of angel hair, the ice cream castles, the threatening mammatus of a thundercloud, the North Sea fret and the wonderful colours of sunset skies and windy, leaf-bare tree scenes. Cows standing in a field, a sure sign that it will stay dry, and an old fashioned harvest-time, my favourite seasonal weather for the time of year.

As Charles Dudley Warner once said, “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it”.  Robert  Soden has done something; he has captured the colours and the landscapes of our Great British weather.

Bob Johnson


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